How to hit 8 iron in golf

In golf, not only do you need to know what club to use for the shot you want, but you also must be able to hit it well. This article will introduce how to swing the club correctly and what type of shots this technique allows for. With this information, you should gain a new level of skill in your golf game because it is not easy to master such a complex sport as this one.

What is an 8-iron used for?


The 8-iron is a club that goes from the 4th to the 8th hole, and it can be used for any type shot you want to play. The most commonly used shots with an 8-iron are the power golf shot and the knockdown shot. You can also choose to set up your own unique style of playing with this club.


Pros of an 8 Iron golf club


  1. Accuracy – With an 8 iron golf club, you can choose to use long shots that require precision and accuracy. This is more useful, especially when you are playing a course of 3 holes.


  1. Power – When your shot requires more power, like when you are set up for a punch-out or when you need to finish the hole in two shots, then this club is for you.


  1. Distance control – With an 8 iron hit correctly, your iron can go as far as 230 yards. This means you will not have to worry about controlling the distance. If you want to play a shot that is over 300 yards, then a 12 iron is the right choice.


  1. Versatility – If you want to hit a shot that is playable on every green, then here is the club you will use. This club can help you reach all greens and can help you get to the flagstick with your approach shots.


  1. Easy to learn – The people who have bought this club have said that it is simple and easy to master. It does not take long to get used to hitting this club and getting a good swing on the greens. You will feel comfortable hitting and controlling this shot once you master it.


  1. Around the green – You will get the ball to go where you want it to go if you want to. This is a good club to use when you are trying to land the ball on the green or when you are trying to get it close with a good putt.


  1. Different shots – The swing of this club allows for any type of shot that your heart desires because it has such a large loft and face angle.




Cons of an 8 Iron golf club


  1. Long shots – This club is a little harder to master. If you are a beginner, then you can take longer to get used to using it. You need not be afraid of taking this shot because it is not hard to hit and control the ball when you know-how.


  1. Slipping – If you are new and not doing anything right, then the 8 iron may slip because of bad technique or your being too nervous about all your previous mistakes. With good practice and patience, this club will be easy to use and master.


  1. Windy – If the wind is blowing in your direction, then this club is not the right choice for you. The power that it has comes with a price and adds to the difficulty of hitting this club correctly.


  1. Difficult to control – When you are gripping the golf club correctly and swinging it correctly, it can be easy to hit a shot that goes far off course especially if you are used to using a shorter iron.


  1. Power – Some people do not like the power of this 8 iron because it feels too strong for them. If you are a beginner, then you may not be used to such a powerful shot yet because of your lack of muscle strength.


  1. Distance control – This club also tends to be harder to swing, especially when you are trying to get your ball the right distance. It takes a lot more effort, which means you need more muscle strength and endurance to use this club correctly and effectively.


  1. Cost – This club is a little more expensive than the other clubs and it might be harder to buy one. The cost of this club can range from $65.00 to $200.00.8. Harder to master – This club is hard for some people to learn how to use because not everyone has the same form and skill level when it comes to golfing.

8-Iron Specifications


All golfers should know what a 8-iron looks like and how it is not only used to play but also different from other irons.

This club is longer than a 7 iron, and it has more loft than most other irons, even the 9 iron.

The standard length of the 8 iron is between 36 inches to 38 inches, and its hands length between 3 1/2 inches to 3 3/4 inches. The head size is between 2 5/8 inches to 2 7/8 inches. The shaft size is between 1 7/8 inches to 2 1/2 inches long.

If you are an avid golfer and you want to buy a new golf club, then make sure that when you buy the 8-iron that its shaft is straight or it has a dampening system in place. This will help you hit the ball longer and control your distance better.



How To Hit An 8 Iron-Tips


  1. Control the low point of the golf swing.

It is not easy to pick the exact moment when a ball will go up in the air. So, you need to keep your mind on the ball at all times. You can best do this by aiming your shot at an imaginary fairway you make up in your mind’s eye. A good way to do this is by picking out a likely hole and aiming just right of it, depending on what distance you play the hole.


  1. Hit the golf shot on line

When you hit the golf ball on line, it will travel in a straight line. You need to get your body and hands in position before you hit the ball out of the club face so that when you do hit it, your entire body is moving away from the ball as it comes out of the club face. This will help ensure that you are hitting up in the air.


  1. Keep your head down and eyes focused on target line.

Sometimes you can feel if you are hitting the ball on line or off line by looking at where the ball has gone. If your aim is on line and your vision is focused on the target line, then you are probably hitting up in the air. This will help ensure that you do not have to move back from the target as you swing because it means that the ball is traveling up in the air and off of the face of the club.


  1. Swing with confidence.

You need to have the right amount of confidence in order to become a good golfer. When you are confident in your swing, then you will not be afraid of the motion or of missing the shot. This will help make sure that you hit up in the air and keep your entire body moving away from the ball when you swing because you want to make sure that your head does not move from side to side as it travels into the club face.


  1. Know how far to aim for.

Many people will aim for the top of the ball, but this is not the way to play. It is more important that you aim for where the ball will end up because it is there that you will hit up in the air and get a good shot.


  1. Be sure to hold your wrist low on release and keep your elbow low on impact.

When you keep your wrist down and your elbow down, then you are keeping your hands out at shoulder level as they move through their normal motions during the swing. If you are holding your arms too high, then they will tend to drop down into the backswing.


  1. Use a standard grip.

When you use a standard grip, then your hands are in the right place and you can get into position quickly because of what it is and how you hold it correctly. With this grip, it is easy to keep your club face square so that the ball comes off the club face properly causing the ball to go up in the air.


  1. Turn your hips through impact.

When you turn your hips through impact, then it will help ensure that the club face is square to make a proper swing as you are hitting the ball with an 8-iron. It can be hard to do at first because many people forget about their hips and they focus on their arms and hands.



What are the knockdown shots with the 8-iron?


Knockdown shots are those that are designed to land on a certain area of the green from where you will take another shot at it. This option is not used very often in professional golf rounds, and there are few players who know how to do it correctly. However, if you want to take these shots more seriously and use them in your game more regularly, this article will tell you what you need to do.


For this type of shot, you need to set up the ball a little behind you and only use one club. The club head follows the same line as your body, and the focus of your swing is on your hands. [1]



How do you set up for a power golf swing with an 8-iron?

The setup for a power golf shot with an 8-iron is pretty much the same as for any other iron, but there are some differences, which are explained below.


  • Set up the club like you would do with any other ball: your hands are close together and your shoulders are relaxed. The club head is placed at the level of your chest, which is a few inches above the top of your shoulders. In this position, the club head has to be perpendicular to the ground, so that you can deliver maximum power when you hit it.
  • The shaft of the club goes in front of you, but not touching it. A little behind you, the toe of the club head is touching the ground.
  • Before you swing, make sure that the grip will be big enough to be able to hit it hard, but not too tight. The ball should be set up at the same angle as if you were going to take a normal swing.
  • Set up your feet like you would if you were going to take a normal swing. The ball is usually set up close to the body, but not touching it, and the feet are as spread out as possible.



How important is the 8-iron in golf?


The 8-iron is one of the most important clubs on the course; it can help you hit any kind of shot in almost any situation. It is also part of your golf set and should not be taken lightly by you.


The most basic shot with the 8-iron is the straight shot, which is useful when there are no obstacles between you and the ball. To be able to hit this type of shot, you have to make sure your stance is even on both feet. The ball can be set how you want it to be (for example, inside or outside), but do not move from the spot where you chose it.


The most difficult shot to take with the 8-iron is the knockdown shot, so if you are new to golf and have not tried it yet, this is going to be difficult for you. The club head has to be perpendicular to the ground when hitting the ball, and you need to focus on not moving your hands at all. You also need bend your knees a little, without bending your torso. The ball should be set up right behind you and only one club should be used.


There are other ways to hit a golf shot with an 8-iron. One is the full swing, which you can use when you need to hit the ball very far and hit it well. The full swing is the same for any other shot and does not require any special stance or anything else. You can also do an approach shot, which will require some work on your part in order to get it right. [2]



How do you make sure that you take a golf shot correctly with an 8-iron?


You should stand in a normal stance. You can put the ball at a spot that is comfortable to you (for example, inside or outside). Your feet should be spread out wider than usual, the ball should be set up with your body, and you need to use one club. The club head has to be perpendicular to the ground when you hit it. Try not to move your hands at all when you lift and lower your arms. The club head should go from outside your body to inside it. Make sure you move your body with each swing, as this will make the 8-iron easier to use. After the ball leaves your club, pay attention to where it goes and where you need to move your feet in order to take another shot at it.



Now that you know how to take a golf shot with an 8-iron, feel free to use it in your game. It is one of the best clubs on the course and will give you all the benefits of a power golf shot.

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