Cobra Fly XL Review

 Cobra Fly XL Review

Cobra Fly XL Worth Their price

Cobra Fly XL – Are you looking for a complete set of golf clubs? Getting one that can guarantee efficiency can be daunting, but Cobra Fly XL has you covered. Cobra Fly XL club is designed for forgiveness and distance and offers you a chance to select the best shaft materials to help you develop your golf game to its full potential. These are the most effective and secret cheap golf clubs most people know less about.


Getting everything you need from a complete golf club set is not feasible without ditching down your wallet. Cobra Fly XL tries to build on the success of all sets by granting high-quality intermediate clubs at an affordable price. So if you are in the market looking for a complete set of golf clubs, you shouldn’t search further from the Cobra golf XL.


These sets will get your pulse racing because of their advanced technology incorporated into the clubs implying that they offer great value sets to handicappers. Are you ready for a pulse-racing step up from a beginner set of golf clubs? Cobra Fly XL is ideal for you; these sets will allow you to compete ideally.


What Cobra Fly XL offers at first glance

Cobra Fly XL

Cobra fly manufacturers have made necessary advancements to improve the Cobra set and perform more efficiently. This fly XL is an updated model of the cobra brand updated version, adding more performance to these sets.


These clubs are between premium and beginner quality and are appropriately designed to get to the next game level or general game improvements. It features a solid and big driver alongside sturdy cavity back irons ready to work.


The set has everything that could hint to you that it is the most ideal of all beginner sets. Moreover, users also have the opportunity to choose between a cart and a stand bag. Cobra Fly XL golf set allows users to hit the pin in a few strokes while also achieving straight shoots.



Cobra Golf Fly Xl set

Cobra Fly XL features a sleek design that allows players to hit the links immediately. In the premium cobra version, Cobra Fly XL mixes pinpoint accuracy and superb beauty.



The set comprises the following


The first component of this set is the fantastic driver. Its driver is great, featuring a resilient and thin titanium face that offers more than flex sare. The driver is set at 11.5 degrees of loft in a senior flex and 10.5 in a regular one. To promote towering and highball flights and compensate for the draw, the weight of the driver is positioned low in the heel.



The set has two hybrids: a 5 set at 23.5 degrees of loft and a 4 set at 20.5. The hybrids can play long and grant an excellent apex ball height. Moreover, they are as forgiving as they should be. These hybrids can even be your best friends, especially when you are in a rough situation.



The Cobra Fly XL set comes with two kinds of wood, a five and a three wood. These woods sport a shallow profile for a weird feeling on the hands during a swing. The three wood is set to about 14.5 degrees of loft, while the five is set at 18.5. The three wood is perfect for off the tee or the fairway, especially if you find it hard with the driver. These woods feature a low profile making hence easy to control during a swing and with the hands.



In the cobra Golf fly XL set, you are assured of a sand wedge and pitching. The wedges grant plenty of prop from tough lies. Moreover, the wood features precision groves that offer a good feel for the best green spin.



The set’s irons sport an extensive profile making them less annoying for mid and beginner handicappers. The set comes with irons six to nine, which are cavity back irons featuring perimeter weighting to help improve forgiveness and MOI.



The cobra Golf fly set features a set of a blade-style putter with a machined face. The putter gives a high level of control and feel. Moreover, the toe perimeter and weighting give an ideal balance for even extended putts.



Composition of the golf set

Cobra Fly XL set consists of stock with Cobra graphite shafts which is an added advantage because no other brand offers these shafts unless you pay extra money for them. The set also comes with Lamkin Crossline Midsize grips available in both senior and regular flex. It also consists of a cart bag with a fourteen-way top divider. The cart bag has enough storage space, although the top divider allows the club heads to hit each other.



Features of Cobra Fly XL

Cobra Fly XL features

A.Speed Channel face

This is a property-designed trench surrounding the clubface and \ contributes to the Cobra’s forgiveness and distance. The feature minimizes the face’s thickness while improving the face flexion, producing a faster ball speed.


B.Crown zone weighting

The Cobra Fly XL comes with a back and low center of gravity that is attained via the crown zone weighting. The crown zone weighting takes the weight away from the crown, moving it back and low in the head. Therefore results in a higher inertia moment and launch for high forgiveness on off-center strikes.


C.Offset Design

This is another feature of the Cobra Xl that aids players to square the clubface quickly to effect o a more straight ball flight.


D.Great Performance

Overall, the performance of Cobra Fly XL is fantastic in terms of distances, playability, and forgiveness.


  • Playability

The ball flight with Cobra Fly XL is great. For instance, if you would like to achieve a higher and curved or high and straight trajectory of the ball, you will. No player will not want to be unique in playing, and this product is one of the most incredible golf kits to make you achieve play uniqueness. It is a product with reduced workability of forgiveness that will help make shots have unique shapes. Whether you are shooting the ball on short grass, on fairway bunkers, or in rough playgrounds, be assured to experience the playability of Cobra Fly XL.


  • Forgiveness

The Cobra Fly XL records a higher range of forgiveness performance in terms of the ball direction and speed. Perhaps, during the play, the swinger can perform countless repeatable shots. More impressive, the mishit flights will be significantly similar to each other.


  • Distance

Although the play experience may vary between the players, Cobra Fly XL can provide satisfying outcomes when it comes to distance performance. Of course, you can hit higher ball flights without losing distances just by making a particular trajectory. It is a product that is beneficial to both swingers with a high and low trajectory striking of the ball.


E.Appearance, feel & sound

Cobra Fly XL has a great appearance that adds more motivation to play. It is fair and looks pear-shaped, slightly round, and symmetrical. Its offset is organized and with a medium-deep face. By looking, it is shiny from the black crown with an alignment aid logo of Cobra. Indeed, the club appears terrific to work on the ball for its destination.


When you strike it with a metal or when it’s the ball, the sound coming in somehow creates a neutral sound. In other words, when it hits the ball, it sounds like a tight metallic—it’s quiet and produces a solid sound that has a limitation to eco love loudly.


It sounds not that explosive in terms of how you can feel it. Its sound feels responsive, solid, or jumpy. When you strike the ball, the feeling will disappear slowly while you step away from the strike point. The feeling, however, will be present within a particular radius of the sport. Indeed, the sound and feel create a satisfying sound giving the player confidence to make more solid strikes.



Who is ideal for the Cobra Fly XL

Who is ideal for the Cobra Fly XL

Although any player can use the Cobra Fly XL set, they are best suited for intermediate players not worried about distance. These club sets were meant to aid players in improving occurrences from tee to the green. Although these sets lack premium features that make the game appealing, the set features enough features to aid a mid handicapper in enhancing their game. The stock grips and shafts are Cobra Fly XL shafts and Lamkin REL 360 grip



  • 95/100 accuracy
  • 93/100 for feeling and control
  • 94/100 distance
  • 92/100



Technology and design

The Fly XL hybrid and irons from Cobra manufacturers match the company’s reputation of producing large heads that grant high trajectory and effortless distance. Just like other compression channels, the speed channel face enables the face to flex. With this feature, the ball’s forgiveness and speed are boosted regardless of where you kick the ball.


Moreover, it features a split set implying that the mid and long irons have different designs. The iron’s hollow cavity design reduces the center of gravity for launch boosting hence increasing forgiveness. The iron’s perimeter undercut design allows them to have high accuracy and forgiveness by moving the weight for the face’s top.


Iron technology


  • Hollow space design technology

This design forgives shifts thanks to the hollow design that reduces the center of gravity and increases the launch. Scoring irons give golfers a more accurate and forgiving iron that is easier to hit with a deep undercut.


  • Fitting message

Irons that fit poorly can affect your game. The club’s golf fitters can help players get the most out of the cobra golf irons. Moreover, golfers can hit various shots thanks to the short and long irons.



Pros of Cobra Fly XL

  • It features a putter that gives a nice feel
  • The set comes with stock graphite shafts
  • It features excellent machined grooves on its wedges
  • The set comes with excellent ball speed with the driver
  • It comes with a cart bag d\featuring seven zippered pouches
  • The set’s bag gives a snug hold for all clubs
  • The set is ideal for players who find it hard to slice
  • The set’s driver shoots are straight
  • Its woods are accurate from the deck
  • The set has two hybrids in the package
  • The driver features excellent ball speed.



  • Its clubs have no satisfying sounds
  • The set is not ideal for quick swing speed golfers
  • The set’s irons are not highly workable
  • The woods are somehow heavy
  • It lacks an adjustable hosel
  • It has no sliding weight



FAQs about Cobra Fly XL


A.Is Cobra Fly XL a good one?

Cobra Fly XL is a high-quality brand, so there is no doubt that these sets are good. The set has a wide variety of sister clubs that can beat any other brand. Moreover, the brand’s words, hybrids, and brands are highly competitive in the club industry.


B.When was the Cobra Fly XL released?

Cobra fly lx was released in 2021 upon the introduction of fly xl irons.


C.What is the Cobra XL golf set?

The pitching wedge, putter, and iron set are included in the xl set. The bag has six ways divisions on its top to prevent the clubs from hitting one another when carried.



For players looking for a great mix of forgiveness and performance, Cobra golf fly xl offers this great mix at a reasonable price. This makes this ideal for mid-handicap and beginner players as they need this excellent mix. However, the big issue with these sets is that they do not offer a great deal of workability and control from their irons. Although they can last for long, they don’t give a good precision for ball placement. But it is excellent with exceptional features such as the putter, precision groves on the wedges, and the stock graphite shafts that give a feeling as if they belong to a premium and expensive club set. Cobra Fly XL is the best club set for those looking for a mid handicapper level or beginners in the game.


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