How To Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag
how to organize 14 divider golf bag taylormade

Golfers usually carry huge bags that they use to store essential items that they need while playing. Knowing how to organize a golf bag is important, especially if you are aspiring to become a professional golfer. Nowadays most golf bags come with 14 dividers which aims to make it easy for the golfer to store and carry golfing instruments. Knowing how to organize your 14 divider golf bag will help you avoid wasting time during your round of play. Proper arrangement of golfing instruments inside the bag will also protect your expensive golf clubs from damage. In this article, we will give you a step by step process on how to organize a 14 divider golf bag.

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What is a 14-divider golf bag?

If you are a newbie in golf, then you must be wondering what a 14-divider golf bag is. A 14 divider golf bag is a special golfing bag that is equipped with 14 slots which means that one slot for every golf club. This bag is usually big and strong, a factor that allows you to carry all your playing instruments under one roof with ease. Although you can carry this bag on your shoulder, it is always recommended that you carry a personal cart and have someone carry the bag for you. This will ensure you don’t hurt your back while playing.



Step by step on arrangement how to organize 14 divider golf bag


#Step1: Empty the entire bag

The first step to organizing your 14 divider golf club is to empty the entire bag. You cannot organize the bag if it has some things inside. Check each pocket one by one to ensure that they are all empty. Emptying the entire bag will not only make it easy to arrange it but will also create additional space by removing things that you don’t need.



Step 2: Gather and sort your instruments

Once you have emptied the bag, the next crucial step is to gather and sort your instruments. Sorting your instruments will help you know the equipment you will need for your next round of golf as well as those you don’t need. For instance, while sorting, you may find out that you have cracked balls, damaged gloves, and scorecards from your previous games. All these need to be removed because you will not need them for your next game. Sorting will help you know the tools you need for your next round of golf. This means that you will only include what is necessary on your 14 divider golf bag. As a result, you will have more space, which will make it much easier to organize your equipment.



Step 3: Clean your instruments

Some people usually load their golfing instruments on the carrying back before cleaning them. However, that is not a good thing, if you are a serious golf player, then you need to clean all your tools before loading them into the 14 divider golf bag. Cleaning will also help to keep the golf bag clean.



Step 4: Arrange your tools

Once you have cleaned and sorted all equipment that you will need for your next round of golf, the next process is to arrange them in your 14 divider golf bag. Now, this is the most important part of the process and how you do it will determine whether you will have an easy time retrieving your golf clubs or not while playing. Fortunately, organizing your 14-divider golf bag is straightforward.


Start by loading the putter. Place it on the putter section of the bag. If your golf bag does not have this option, don’t worry, instead place the putter on the backside of your golf bag in a slot that is close to the straps.


Once you are done with the putters, the next instruments to load are the woods and drivers. These tools should be stored near the straps but at the top. If your 14 divider golf bag has a separate putter slot, then the slot next to the strap on the left side is meant for drivers while the slot on the right side is meant for woods.


When arranging golf clubs, the general rule of thumb is to arrange them from left to right. This means that the longest clubs should be loaded on the backside, closer to the straps while shorter or smaller golf clubs should be stored on the front. Mid-length golf clubs, on the other hand, should be stored in the middle between the wedges and driver.


In case your 14 divider golf bag has fewer dividers, you should pair similar clubs. For instance, you can pair woods and drivers in one slot, long irons in the center-left, short irons and mid irons on the right then putter, and wedges in the bottom. You don’t have an excuse for not organizing your golf bag properly. Regardless of the space that you have, you can do something to make it organized for safe storage and easy retrieval of your golf clubs.



Step 5: Arrangement how to organize 14 divider golf bag

The fifth and final step is to arrange your golf accessories like tees, golf balls, gloves, markers, and much more. Store all accessories that you will need to use frequently in the front pocket that is easy to reach. On the other hand, accessories that you will not use frequently like sunglasses and extra gloves should be placed in the side pockets.



Closing thoughts – How To Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag

How you organize your 14 divider golf bag will determine the experience you will have during your next round of play. If you want to have a smooth and enjoyable round, you need to ensure that your 14-divider golf bag is well arranged and organized. Arranging your golf clubs properly in the golf club will also help to protect them from damage. You can make modifications based on the size of your golf bag and the number of golf clubs you intend to carry but the arrangement procedure remains the same.

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