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Office Putting Set

Office Putting Set mat


Office Putting Set – We live in a busy world, and it always seems that there is so much to do. Many people often get caught up with their work and forget about other aspects of life. If you have tight work schedules, you will rarely have time to play your favorite sports. But, it’s common knowledge that to become a great player, you’ll have to commit several hours to practice.


If you love golf and find it hard to create time to visit the course during the weekdays, all is not lost. You can invest in the best office putting set and bring golf closer to your office. Of course, an artificial turf won’t feel like the actual course. But it is an excellent way of practicing golf without leaving work. So, you can be confident in your skills and get the confidence needed to compete with other golfers when playing on the course.


The market has many office sets sold online and in brick-and-mortar shops. While this is a good thing, it can also be bad since it makes it challenging to choose the right set for your office. Thankfully, we are here to help. We have listed the best putting sets that you can consider for your office.


What is an Office Putting Set, and Does It Have any Benefits?

Before we dive in to review the best office sets, it’s essential to begin our discussion from this point. An office putting set is an accessory for golf players with green and balls. It is suitable for individuals that want to practice golf while in their office. Since different sets are available, finding one that suits your needs should not be that difficult.

The main benefit of buying these is that it allows you to practice golf anytime. Whenever you feel like playing, whether at night or during the day, or in rainy or sunny weather, you can do so since your equipment is designed for indoor use.


Additionally, this set allows you to practice regularly. If you want to become a pro putter, you must invest hours and hours into practice. So, having one in your office means you can practice every day for a few minutes and perfect your skills.

Furthermore, it builds your confidence level. With regular practice, you will gain the confidence to compete with other putters. Remember that mastering golf requires repetition, which you can achieve by having an office putting set.


Also, it perfects your alignment. Most sets come with mats with markings to help players align their swings and guide them to play golf. The marking could be a white line on the middle of your green, showing whether you hit the ball correctly.


Other benefits of having these sets are distance control, gamify your practice and help you gain better roll resistance.


The Best Office Putting Set


#1. Big Moss Augusta V2

office putting set Big Moss Augusta V2


Big Moss is a brand designing golfing items. The company offers high-quality and affordable golf equipment. This Augusta V2 is top on our list for various reasons. It features an excellent roll and is also designed to be long-lasting.


If you want a set that smoothly rolls off without breaking the bank, this is one of the best. You can use it for practice and teaching all year and in your home and office. Talk of versatility! Besides helping golfers perfect their golfing skills, they can also hit and pitch chips and shots since it comes with a mat and flight chipping balls.


The set is multi-layered and constructed with long-lasting materials. It requires little or no maintenance, making it suitable for busy people. The manufacturers designed it with the True Roll Technology, making putting and chipping situations as realistic as possible. Therefore, making practice enjoyable.


Unlike the previous models, this comes with various improvements such as the stadium, new flag bases, cup sleeves, a wrinkle-free surface backed by rubber, ensuring no bunching, and a high-density foundation that you can remove at will.

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#2. SKLZ Accelerator Pro

office putting set SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor

SKLZ is also another great company that designs golf equipment. The accelerator pro putting set is available at affordable prices. However, this low price is because the ramp is designed with plastic materials and the mat offers a rough surface which makes the ball not roll as smooth as you may want.


However, there are other reasons you should consider having this set. One, the mat doesn’t crease. Remember that having a crease mat tends to slow down your ball, making your practice hard. Additionally, the green has various markings to guide you in putting correctly, and it is narrow and straight, which helps you perfect your alignment.


We also love the integrated plastic wedge creating an incline in the cup’s position. As such, golfers can practice improving their stroke speed. The set offers practical putting conditions as it imitates the actual course. So, you should feel no difference when playing on this green or your golf course.


Manufacturers have also integrated the ball return technology with durable plastic. The only issue is that it is sold in parts that you have to assemble. But don’t worry so much since assembling is easy. The ball return helps you remain stationary, reducing the need to walk around to pick your ball. The mat measures 9ft and 16.25 inches in length and width and weighs 5.8lb which means it is light enough to carry around.

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#3. Perfect Putting Mat

office putting set Perfect Putting Mat

Your indoor putting mat can break or make your golf practice. If it’s terrible, you will get frustrated using it and be discouraged from playing golf. Some mats feature a bumpy and wrinkly surface that interferes with the ball’s rolling. Thankfully, the Perfect Practice Mats have put a stop to this nightmare.


The company has worked with various players and coaches to design excellent mats to improve your skills and lower your score. The turf is easy to set up, and you can use it either in the office or at home. Since it is lightweight, you can take it anywhere and enjoy your golf from any play.


It offers two hole sizes and features crystal velvet TruRoll technology. We were also impressed by the auto ball return and train truck alignment. We must also mention that it is designed with artificial grass turf/astroturf, giving you the feeling that you are on an actual course.


Lastly, it comes in several lengths, allowing you to choose the one that suits you perfectly. The only drawback is the mat can be long for some office space and is a bit pricey compared to other greens.

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#4. Putt-a-Bout Par Three

PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green

The name already makes this set unique. But it is not as important as what it has to offer. Beginners and seasoned players need to improve their performance. That calls for regular practice every day. If you cannot afford to leave your office, you need a high-quality set with impressive features like this one.


The mat offers an innovative design allowing players to practice putting at various lengths and angles. It includes urethane and polypropylene foams which are durable. You also get several holes to explore your golf skills at different angles.


The mat is lightweight, meaning you can carry it around quickly and store it in different locations. It is also easy to assemble and budget-friendly. But, some people find it a bit thin, and since the holes are plastic made, they can be flimsy and feel cheap.

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#5. FORB Professional Mat

Office putting set FORB Professional Mat

Many people think they have to use a lot of money or effort to take their golf game to the next level. However, that is far from the truth with this professional mat. It offers a realistic green course similar to an actual golf course, only that you can use it at home or in your office.

The company offers two styles of putting mat, with the standard version having two holes and measuring 12ft long. This mat has been designed with golfers of all levels in mind. It features an impressive putting surface to make players feel like they were gaming on a real golf course. Therefore, you can bring match-like conditions into your office or home, depending on where you will use the mat.


The turf’s surface measures 40mmm and 12mm rough and green. It features an easy setup and is backed by a Tour Links Based Technology. Since it is designed with quality turf, you can expect it to last for many years. Plus, it allows the ball to roll smoothly, making your practice enjoyable.

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#6. Neon Executive Set

Office putting set Neon Executive Set

This is one of the best portable putting sets to have. You can use it indoors or outdoors as it is designed to accommodate both conditions. The set includes a practice hole, two golf balls, and a four-piece putter. Additionally, it comes with a storage case to store your equipment safely in one place.


The setup is easy, and you can have everything in place within minutes. You only need to connect your putter pieces and position your cup to the desired location. The only drawback of this set is that it features an uneven pattern. So the ball doesn’t roll smoothly. But because it offers convenience and ease of use, you can consider purchasing it.

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#7. JEF Automatic Cup

Office Putting Set JEF Automatic Cup

Consider this model if you are looking for a simple hole device to help you practice golf in the office. It is praised for its automatic ball return capability, reducing the need to move back and forth to pick your ball. Additionally, it features a realistic cup size to help you practice your accuracy and deliver impressive results.


Unfortunately, this cup doesn’t include a putter, mat, or golf balls. So, you’ll have to buy these if you don’t have them already. But the good news is that it is affordable, and you can set it up anywhere. Even if you’re going on vacation or business trips, you won’t miss your golf game with this putting cup.

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#8. Abco Tech Green

office putting set Abco Tech Green

This golf mat is shaped like a kidney with three balls, two bunker cutouts, and three holes. Therefore, you can putt in different angles, which improves your skills. The company included the two cutouts to help trap sand, perfecting your distance control. Also, note that the base is rubber made to ensure stability even on slippery ground. Plus, you can easily fold it up and store it away.

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#9. WSERE Golf Cup

Office putting set WSERE Golf Cup

If you are starting on golf and don’t have a huge budget, this is a good option. It is a durable plastic cup that features an easy setup. It comes with a practice hole allowing you to perfect your putting. Plus, you can also set it outside.

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#10. Crest Golf Set

Office putting set Crest Golf Set

You can spend more money on the best putting set in town if your budget allows. It features six balls, two putters, and 12 holes. It is among the few sets that let you play competitively with your friend. The first team to putt in all the six holes wins the game.

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How to Purchase the Best Putting Set for Your Office?

An indoor putting green is a must-have if you want to perfect your putting skills. But, you need the right set that meets all your needs. Otherwise, your effort will be futile. Several factors can help you decide whether green is right for you. But also remember to do some research, meaning read online customer testimonials and watch YouTube videos. That said, here are some things to consider when buying an office putting set;


  • Size and Shape

You may think it is easy to set up an artificial putting green in the office. But, it is not. It requires excellent planning on how and where everything will lie. Consider how much space you have before buying any putting equipment.


So start by determining the size and shape of your office. Then ask yourself how much space does your setup need and how it will affect your movements in your office? Additionally, you’ll have to choose your mat depending on whether your office is L-shaped, rectangular, narrow, or square.


  • Features

Your set needs to help you improve your play during your free time. For this reason, you need to pick a model with impressive features. You should not fail to look at the number of holes a mat has. The more, the better since it will make your practice easier. Multiple holes help you work on your accuracy, which builds confidence with every stroke you make.


Also, determine whether a set is portable. As you may need to move it from your office to other areas, ensure that it is lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, choose greens with automatic ball return technology to save time and make your gameplay more efficient. Such sets automatically retrieve the ball for you, meaning you can play without interruption.


Lastly, pick mats that offer adjustable slopes to allow you to practice different putting techniques and have markings to guide you when playing.


  • Price

It is usually not advisable to choose a product based on its price. But since putting sets are offered at different prices, it helps having a budget for yours. You can get one that costs $10 and another, sold at $250. Since you need to account for your hard-earned money, consider a green that offers value for money. But, please remember not to purchase mats based on price alone. You may be surprised to find excellent mats at mid-range prices.


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