What hand do you wear a golf glove on

What hand do you wear a golf glove on?
What hand do you wear a golf glove on

What hand do you wear a golf glove on – A golfer needs to learn and understand the basics of golf gloves before doing anything else, yet this is the most neglected piece of golf tool that many players understand as much as every golfer owns at least one glove. The majority of players don’t even know which side of their hand they need to wear their gloves. There is a reason why you will find every golfer participating in the high level sport wearing a glove. It can be crucial to determine or even change the game’s outcome on how a player will take a shot. Also, a well designed golf glove can be essential in upgrading your game. This article is a comprehensive guide on golf gloves and what hand you wear a golf glove on.


Should you choose between left-hand or right-hand gloves?


What hand do you wear a golf glove on – There is a wide range of golf gloves in the market. What you settle to wear should come down to your personal preference. The majority of golfers prefer to wear single golf on their less dominant hand. Those who are left-handed will wear on their right hand and vice versa. A golfer’s weaker hand is known as their lead hand. Your lead hand will be your left hand if you are right-handed. Usually, this is the hand that you place over the grip which guides when you swing. Therefore, your right hand will remain bare. The dominant hand of most players is always without a glove because the majority of them feel that this enables them to have a better feel at their golf club. This is why you will find some players, when they want to take puts or short iron shots, they will remove their gloves.


How to Pick the Right Size and Fit


What hand do you wear a glove on in golf ? Selecting the right size and fit is crucial for your game whenever you are about to purchase one or a pair of golf gloves. The majority of golf glove manufacturers are designing sizes that can accommodate the shape of most players’ hands. An excellent golfing glove needs to be snug but not so restrictive to the hand. You will find different brands with a different fit and feel on the hand. Therefore, before you buy any of them, it would be best to try them fast. When trying a golf glove, ensure that you try the assorted styles and sizes. Twist your hands around, stretch your entire fingers to ensure that you don’t feel any constraint on any of them, and make a fist. Equally, ensure that you don’t feel any loose glove at the end of your fingers. If you buy your gloves in a good golf shop, after picking the type you want, you can request a golf club and try practicing some swings. This can help you get a feel on the gloves to know if they are the right ones for you. Many gloves manufacturers pay attention to women players and children with smaller hands to design specific sizes that suit them.


Consideration to make when Selecting Golf Gloves to Buy


The Fit


Select a glove whose fit is snug and not sloppy. Ensure that your choice is not too loose or bulk because it will interfere with your swing and grip on the field. The idea behind the fit is to ensure you pick a glove that can reduce your hand’s movement when you grip the club. Try and find a glove that fits your hand like a second skin. Most players settle for a particular brand that suits them and stick with them. This is because every manufacturer has a product that will feel different on your hands, even if they are the same size.


The Weather Conditions


If you love wearing gloves when playing golf, weather conditions during a game can determine the choice of gloves to pick on a particular day. When the weather outside is fine, it would be best to use soft leather gloves for that particular day. This glove won’t overheat on your hands and will offer a snug fit. Further, they will give you a firm grip on your golf club and aid in providing a perfect feel on the swing. However, you cannot use smooth leather gloves when the weather condition is wet because the soft leather will harden and become inflexible and brittle unless you take good care of them. It would be best to use synthetic gloves during unpredictable or varied weather patterns as they offer longevity to use during long days on the field. For wet weather use, you need to have a dedicated pair for rainy conditions that will keep your hands dry to have a better swing. These gloves also provide better grips to the hands as it continues to become wetter.


The Rules


There are rules to be followed on what kind of gloves to use that focus on design, fit and style to prevent any interference during a game or give a player some advantage. Avoid prohibited gloves with some extra enhancement or features that can influence your game. The rules and guidelines are specific to the style, fit, and materials of gloves to use.


Do you need to buy one or a pair of gloves?


Remember to buy a pair of gloves because you may never know when you will need them both. Most golfers carry different pairs of gloves to use for other conditions in their golf bags. It would help if you could have winter gloves to use during harsh weather conditions to keep your hands warm. Your glove choice should keep your hands comfortable and should be practical for the game.


Final Verdict – What hand do you wear a golf glove on?


Golf gloves are crucial to keep your hands comfortable and avoid calluses and blisters. They will also improve your game shots. However, it is essential to know that you may not need to wear them when taking every shot. Golf gloves are designed to protect your hands during the game from different weather conditions and enhance your feel and grip. Always carry them in your golf bag as they don’t occupy much space, and you can carry several pairs.


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